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From OK to Baby I’m Sorry, I’ve seen all you five turn into mature men. I’m so glad, exactly a year ago, I decided to stan you guys. I could’ve chosen any other group, but you guys made it into my heart. You five are the greatest things that ever happened to my life and I’m so glad I got to spend a whole year with you. Thank you so much for the great experiences, endless nights watching your shows, all nighters waiting for live streams, baro & sandeul’s love tweets, all your twitter uploads, great ‘dance’ skills, and ugh just everything. I love all five of you and and and and stop being so perfect because you’ve given me an irregular amount of heart attacks that a 17 year old girl shouldn’t be having. Thank you. (▰˘◡˘▰)


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Think You Know B1A4? #179

Jinyoung made a french dessert for his girlfriend in the past; She threw it away without tasting it. 

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Think You Know B1A4? #178

Whenever Jinyoung would lose something, Gongchan would always be the one to find it. That’s one of the reasons why Gongchan is Jinyoung’s puppy.

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Think You Know B1A4? #177

When Gongchan was new to the group, CNU always scolded and nagged him until he got something right.

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Think You Know B1A4? #176

When Sandeul is stuck on a subject, he’ll just start talking about that specific subject for 2 hours.

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Think You Know B1A4? #175

Sandeul thinks Baro is very womanly when it comes to self management since Baro always uses facemasks when he gets home.

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Think You Know B1A4? #174

According to Sandeul, Baro has a nice vocal range when he sings.

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Think You Know B1A4? #173

Baro finishes first when ordering food while the others are still looking through the menu for 10 minutes. 

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Think You Know B1A4? #172

On Valentine’s Day, Gongchan put out chocolates on his crush’s table; His crush immediately ate it and never asked who it was from. 

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Think You Know B1A4? #171

Even in highschool, Sandeul has never had a Valentine. 

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Think You Know B1A4? #170

On Valentine’s Day, Jinyoung accidentally ate the chocolates on his class desk that were for someone else.

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Think You Know B1A4? #169

Baro and Jinyoung are fans of Big Bang’s T.O.P because he’s charismatic. CNU is also a fan of Gongchan because he looks good in any situation. 

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Think You Know B1A4? #168

Gongchan’s ideal type would be SNSD’s Yoona, Sandeul’s would be Wondergirls’ Yenny, Baro’s would be SNSD’s Taeyeon, Jinyoung’s would be Miss A’s Suzy, and CNU is f(x)’s Krystal. 

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Think You Know B1A4? #167

Recently Gongchan’s been losing weight, so his new resolution is to gain some weight.

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Think You Know B1A4? #166

Sandeul’s favorite japanese phrase is, “I am the best popular guy in B1A4”.